In Your Truck Video Release

Big announcementΒ  regarding the In Your Truck Video Release. An amazing team of people have been working on this music video for quite some time and I am SO excited to release it! This was a fun process with lots of learning and a few laughs. Huge shout out to my friend and real life gentleman @justinkripps for all of your help and support. I wouldn’t want any other cowboy for this role. I am so grateful for you. Also a HUGE thank you to @jared_heynen for your cinematography skills. You are wonderfully talented and creative my friend.


Debut Album ‘Real Life Country Song’ Now Available!

So happy to have finally published our latest Album ‘Real Life Country Song’, we hope you enjoy it!

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About the Album

All tracks were written by Maureen with 2 songs being cowrites:

1. In Your Truck – Maureen Murphy
2. Feel You – Maureen Murphy
3. A Cowboy Always Rides – Maureen Murphy
4. Stronger Than Me – Maureen Murphy
5. Like Me – Maureen Murphy
6. Picture on the Wall – Maureen Murphy, Christie Myles & Graham Sharkey
7. All of the Time – Maureen Murphy
8. Try Goodbye – Maureen Murphy & Christie Myles
9. Tell Me You’re From Texas – Maureen Murphy
10. Writing Songs – Maureen Murphy

In Your Truck Teaser // Maureen Murphy - MM
  1. In Your Truck Teaser // Maureen Murphy - MM